About 2 years after I started the group I was looking for a way to get a better grip on how people were progressing with their training and fitness. So decided the best way to find out was to test everyone, since a written test wouldn’t tell me anything I thought hey lets just have everyone run hard once a month. Since Tuesday night is a hard workout night I thought we could just do it then. Now you ask yourself why two miles? Well two miles is short enough that it test your speed and long enough to test your strength while also allowing for a quick recovery after the workout.

Here’s what I like about it. It gives me a good indication of your fitness and if you are improving through your training. I can use your time and help you determine how fast you might run other races which help us determine what pace to run those races. Speaking of pace, these runs are a good way to learn pace. As you do them monthly you will learn what a reasonable pace for you to run is and what is not, hopefully. So plan your pace based on the previous month, you’ll find that if you pick a pace that you can handle that it is not that hard of a workout.

Ok now for all of you who wig out every month when we run them. Their really is no reason for you to fear them. They are just another track workout. Just remember why we are doing them and run a hard effort. Will you improve every month hopefully but not always? Sometimes you just have a bad day; I think though that if you are consistently training that you should at least be close to the one you ran the previous month. What if you get out to the track and just feel like crap, then just run comfortably hard or hey just bag it. It’s not the end of the world. It’s just workout.

Like I said though there is nothing that we do that’s helps me see how your training is going or not going like this time trial.

Oh one more thing many of you know that I post them on the web site if you don’t want your time posted then let me know and I won’t but I still want to know your time that I read off when you finish so make sure I get it.