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About Chuckit

About Chuckit

MY MISSION: To help people of all ages and abilities to set and meet their running and fitness goals through group and individual training.
My background: I have been running and coaching for about 25 years. I have always been a student of the sport and found my best success when I coached myself. I also liked training with my friends and realized that I got the most out of my workouts when I trained with a group of them. Over the years, many people have asked me for running advice and I realized how many people are looking for coaching.
I also noticed that some coaches seemed to get their credibility from the fee they charge. I thought if I could bring runners together I could use my experience and research to coach them as a group and they would have each other to train with at an affordable price. So Chuckit was born.


Training Plans


Mid Week Workouts


name race goal  
Stella Stamenova Chicago Marathon 4:20 12x400
Kim Reykjavik Marathon under 4:00  
Ken Tarleton Tunnel Lite 3:50 12x400
Erin Fitzhenry Bellingham Bay Half 2:00:00 12x400
Guido A. NY finish Hills
Dana M TBD No injuries tempo
Tien Doan Portland 4:10ish or faster 12x400
Lisa Boyadjian SeaWheeze Half Marathon 2:00 tempo
Trina Labor Day Half 2:20 4x400, 1 mile @ race pace
Carol Undecided - probably a half marathon   tempo
Susan Berlin Marathon Run well 12x400
Larry Parker New Orleans Marathon 3:40:00 tempo
Laura Tunnel Lite 3:50 12x400
Karena Schneider Chicago Marathon 4:45 12x400
Britt Mennen Labor Day Half 2:15 4x400, 1 mile @ race pace
Trisha Half   tempo
Jen Rozler Dog Lake Half, Seattle Half Under 1:40 hills