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About Chuckit

About Chuckit

MY MISSION: To help people of all ages and abilities to set and meet their running and fitness goals through group and individual training.
My background: I have been running and coaching for about 25 years. I have always been a student of the sport and found my best success when I coached myself. I also liked training with my friends and realized that I got the most out of my workouts when I trained with a group of them. Over the years, many people have asked me for running advice and I realized how many people are looking for coaching.
I also noticed that some coaches seemed to get their credibility from the fee they charge. I thought if I could bring runners together I could use my experience and research to coach them as a group and they would have each other to train with at an affordable price. So Chuckit was born.


Training Plans


Mid Week Workouts

name race goal workout
Lisa Boyadjian SeaWheeze Half Marathon 2:00 12x400
Trina Labor Day Half 2:20 Hills
Carol Undecided - probably a half marathon   20 min tempo
Susan Berlin Marathon Run well Hills
Larry Parker New Orleans Marathon 3:40:00 20 min tempo
Laura Tunnel Lite 3:50 Hills
Karena Schneider Chicago Marathon 4:45 Hills
Britt Mennen Labor Day Half 2:15 Hills
Trisha Beat the blerch 1/2  2.5 houra Hills
Jen Rozler Dog Lake Half, Seattle Half Under 1:40 20 min tempo